not giving much thought to it, as i am just a beginner,

when you are simply satisfied, you are successful!

when i write satisfied, trust me no body on the earth is satisfied with all he beholds..So, ultimately if you know this and still you are happy , you are successful. Success is I believe an aura that we feel,

for instance,  ” to crack a logic on MS excel and go through during my office hours is success for me,  ” for some getting 200+ likes on social networking site can be success”.

Feeling success in what you are achieving it, thinking about #NOW and not what #THEN. . We ourselves set the parametres of success, don’t let others tell you whether you are successfull or not…….”make sure the length of your smile display your success, and I don’t know what not. 🙂 via Daily Prompt: Successful


I just left…

I just left.. Thinking of something or thinking of nothing,

Doing justice to someone,being biased with self ….i just left

feeling the deepness, being insensitive for this moment ……. i left

deciding upon then,leaving the now…far away from dilemma …where i supposed to be and how … i just left

dont pretend questions , as answers are all wrong…. thinking of nothing i just left!